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Hola *waves*

Hola. I believe someone spammed me this link a while back, but now I felt like actually joining, since I'm getting back into the whole forum game again.. My choice of software will always be vBulletin though, and I've worked with iKonboard and PHPBB :)

So, I've just brought my new lease license and am beginning to install hacks, skins and the like behind the scences. Cos I'm a perfectionist though, it probably won't be open to the public untill I have tweaked everything to my liking ;) Hell, if I don't bore you all to death, I may keep an updated record of it's development!

I never used to be good at adding hacks and things. In fact, any change I made to my old forum seemed to result in it's untimly death, but now, older/wiser and all that, I'm much more experienced with vBulletin and really enjoy tinkering around with it.

So yeah, glad to join here. Lets get some discussions going, yah? :P
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