Darren (hisrealm) wrote in vbulletin,

A php archive? I need help and or advise


I've created a site hoping to archive php coded forums from the world wide web. This way an internet surfer can login and search categorized listings of forums so they can easily find what they're looking for.

Since there are thousands of php coded forums of all different content, I'd like to set up categories and list them under it.

unfortunately I know very little php. I know how to implement MODS into my forums and that's just about it.

Here's the site I'm working on. http://phpforumarchive.com/

Any suggestions or anyone willing to help? I am sure this will be a decent site when completed and people (internet surfers) will probably use it frequently. Forum owners will like it because of the free advertising they get for their site.

I know html, some javascript, no php beyond pre written MODS that show you how to instal them. MySQL? Forget it.

Tell me I'm in over my head.
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